Waterline Renewal Technologies

New Certified Installer!

Certified Installer

Perma-Liner is proud to introduce one of their latest Certified Installers in the Tampa Bay area, Subterrain Technologies. Subterrain is a full service underground infrastructure rehabilitation company delivering exceptional service to municipal and private clients. Subterrain’s cost-effective solutions remediate problems resulting from aging and defective pipelines.

Trenchless technology avoids the extraordinary expense and extreme disruption that can result from traditional “dig and replace” methods. Subterrain’s unique approach provides savings that help their clients reduce infrastructure maintenance costs significantly.


Subterrain offers flexible alternatives to meet project objectives quickly, cost-effectively and with fewer impacts. We share our expertise with private and public utility managers to aid them with infrastructure management and cost containment. When implemented, these solutions will improve efficiencies and reduce the risk of any system failure. Please visit Subterrain Technologies website to see more of what we do! Call them anytime (24/ 7/365) at 941-721-344.

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