Sinkhole in Pinellas County Displaces Residents

The most significant aspects of Pinellas County’s geology, apart from its coastal beaches, are the water holding capacity of the limestone formations, the propensity of limestone to collapse and form sinkholes. Earlier this month, residents of Tarpon Springs experienced this phenomenon when a sinkhole caused at least seven nearby homes to evacuate. The sinkhole was estimated at 100 feet wide and 50 feet deep. The sinkhole also caused damage to a 30 inch sewer main which workers are in the

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What Precipitates Sinkhole Events in Florida

As Florida’s population grows it expands into areas which may be potentially more susceptible to sinkhole formation. Therefore, more sinkholes are being witnessed and reported. There are several factors to consider in the formation of a sinkhole. Such as: Hydrologic conditions, including lack of rainfall, lowered water levels, or, conversely, excessive rainfall in a short period of time, can all contribute to sinkhole development.  Sinkholes form naturally under standard geologic and hydro geologic conditions throughout much of Florida. Additional stresses

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