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Madeira Beach’s Sanitary System Makeover

Tampa Bay residents, according to the Tampa Bay Times; The City of Madeira Beach is getting a sanitary sewer system makeover.  Madeira Beach residents have fought flooded homes for years now. Just for example; During Tropical Storm Debby the Tampa Bay encountered up to  10 inches of rainfall, Madeira Beach was one of many cities flooded out from this storm but the city says even the smallest thunderstorm at high tide can flood the streets. The city has is preparing to get this flooding under control. In 2000 the city conducted a survey revealing 27 storm drainage projects, since then only more than an handful have been completed. Madeira Beach residents have had it.  A weeklong process of smoke testing the city’s sanitary sewer system was used to identify cracks and anything other potential repairs.  Now, over the next six months the city plans to clean out all the storm water outfalls and complete minor repairs, the bids for the project are estimated to cost less than $1 million and due May 23. That is just the first stage, the city estimates that to completely upgrade and repair the entire storm water system will cost over $23 million. This quote does not include the cost of rebuilding and repaving damage made during a complete “dig and replace” repair. With trenchless products that Perma-Liner™ Industries, LLC offers, those costs do not apply. Perma-Liner™ products such as the Top Gun are widely used amongst municipalities for the convenience and money saved from hiring contractors. Perma-Main™ featuring the Continuous Lining Top Gun has a unique design that allows for quick install and cure times and can also invert 700+ feet in one set up and line pipes 6” to 24” diameter! Perma-Liner™ Industires, LLC has certified many of the Tampa Bay city workers to perfom this very system.  The capabilities to re- line a PVC, concrete, cast, or clay pipe and once cured the pipe is now stronger and will last up to 50+ years.  The city of Dunedin works with Perma-Liner™ often and recently used the Perma-Main™ system to reline a sewer pipe in a local neighborhood. No repaving or rebuilding was needed, saving the city thousands of dollars. Perma-Liner™ remains at the forefront of pipe rehabilitation markets for sanitary and storm sewer applications. Call Perma-Liner™ today so you can also save thousands!


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