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City of Tampa Brings ‘A’ Game to Amend Sewer System


The city of Tampa has seen its share of heavy rain and Tropical Storm events. This has caused not only a debacle due to aging, unstable pipelines, but a heightened concern for street flooding. Cities throughout Central Florida, such as the Tampa Bay, are tackling stormwater maintenance and leaving no stone unturned. Getting the sewer system to cooperate during storms is a serious task. Pipelines on major thoroughfares in Greater Tampa are being cleaned and functioning to a level that can handle any type of weather. The city has fully committed to a sewer overhaul project which includes the removal of massive amounts of trash from the storm water systems. In some areas, heavy equipment has been utilized to clean out sections of the outfall.

The goal is to reduce the amount of sewage, which systematically discharges into local waterways, and to cut down on the number of sanitary sewer overflows that afflict the city.  An additional project to ensure the cohesion of the sewer system is underway in the city of Largo. These projects are designed to meet the state requirement of handling a 10-year storm, which is defined as 7.5 inches within 24 hours. Some of the successes are also in relation to the increase in public awareness; ensuring the long-term success when it comes to the efficacy of the sewer system. Many residents who have lived in the Tampa area for decades have seen incidents of flooding several feet high in volume. The current efforts will help safeguard against that sort of extreme. While we cannot control wet weather events, getting the sewer system in tip-top condition is preparation at its best.

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