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APM Partners with SiShield Technologies With ConShield Next-Gen Sewer Pipe and Manhole Structure Treatment

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APM Partners with SiShield Technologies With ConShield Next-Gen Sewer Pipe and Manhole Structure Treatment

ConShield Exclusively Integrates SiShield Antimicrobial Solutions for Enhanced Protection against Microbial-Induced Corrosion in Sewer Infrastructure

Elk Grove Village – APM, one of the largest sewer protective additive companies in the United States, is excited to announce its exclusive partnership with SiShield Technologies, a creator of cutting-edge antimicrobial solutions, for its ConShield products. ConShield products protect sewer pipes from the rampant corrosion commonly observed in municipal sewers, identified as Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC). MIC manifests when aerobic bacteria, mainly Thiobacillus, grow on concrete surfaces in wetted areas and above flow lines, converting O2 and H2S gas into sulfuric acid. This reaction leads to swift concrete dissolution. SiShield’s safe, effective, and sustainable antimicrobial formulations integrate seamlessly with ConShield products, creating an invisible protective seal that inhibits the growth of bacteria and other destructive microbes.
ConShield products fight sewer pipe degradation and contamination. As an EPA-registered antibacterial agent, ConShield prevents MIC by effectively inhibiting the growth of T. bacteria, often thriving in sanitary sewer structures. ConShield’s unique composition allows it to molecularly bond with the concrete matrix, permeating the entire thickness of the concrete, be it a pipe, manhole, liner, or poured structure. Unlike other treatments, ConShield cannot wash off, peel off, delaminate, or form pinholes, making it the most reliable, long-term protection solution for concrete in municipal sewers.
By partnering with SiShield, ConShield offers a fortified defense against the bacterial processes that produce harmful sulfuric acid in sewer systems. This collaboration ensures that the microbial processes, which have often been misunderstood as merely a “gas problem,” are addressed at their root, targeting the dangerous acid production when hydrogen sulfide gas interacts with Thiobacillus bacteria. Further, SiShield Technologies is committed to Sustainable Chemistry, and its water-based solutions are non-toxic, non-leaching, and do not harm the environment or people.
ConShield, known for its rigorous standards in sewer treatment, sees this partnership as a significant value-add for its customers and stakeholders, including pre-casters, municipalities, and Departments of Transportation. “SiShield’s innovative solutions integrate perfectly with ConShield’s technology, creating long-lasting, safe, and durable protection for sewers and
manhole structures across the country,” said Harley B. Kaplan, CEO of Waterline Renewal Technologies, the parent company of APM. “Together, we can extend the life of concrete used in sewer applications and stop premature degradation.”
“Our partnership with APM and ConShield underlines our commitment to create a cleaner, safer, healthier world. Their reputation for excellence in infrastructure treatment complements our cutting-edge antibacterial solutions, ensuring a more resilient urban ecosystem,” said SiShield’s Chief Technology Officer, Greg Montello.
Together, ConShield and SiShield protect our municipal and private sewer infrastructures against relentless MIC threats. With ConShield, factors like temperature, effluent retention time, high biological oxygen demand levels, and turbulence – which often contribute to rapid bacterial growth – are now more effectively managed. As APM and SiShield continue to innovate and push boundaries, their shared goal remains clear: to provide communities with the safest and most effective to provide communities with the safest and most effective antimicrobial solutions to protect our infrastructure.

About Waterline Renewal Technologies:
Waterline Renewal Technologies is a leading provider of products, technologies, and services in the trenchless rehabilitation industry in the United States. We deliver trenchless rehabilitation of degraded infrastructure through differentiated products, technologies and services, to prevent inflow and infiltration of drain, sewer and stormwater systems. Waterline Renewal Technologies’ subsidiaries include APM (including product brands ConShield, CentriPipe and Permacast), LMK Technologies, Perma-Liner Industries, LightRay, and Pipe Lining Supply. Waterline Renewal Technologies Corporate Headquarters is in Elk Grove Village, IL with distribution facilities across the United States. To read more go to https://waterlinerenewal.com

About SiShield Technologies:
SiShield Technologies is the industry-leading chemical technology company providing
effective, durable, and safe antimicrobial solutions. SiShield specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of science-based products that create an invisible, protective barrier. SiShield’s patented and EPA-registered formulations, integrated during the manufacturing process, have advanced the antimicrobial space, creating powerful, environmentally friendly products under its SiShield and Miracle Fresh ingredient brands.
SiShield partners with distributors and manufacturers across industries—including chemical
additives, building material manufacturers, textiles, healthcare, and consumer goods—to develop customized solutions for our customers’ unique applications and needs. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the company sources its materials in the United States, develops formulations in-house, and operates globally. For more information, please go to www.sishield.com.

Waterline Renewal Technologies
Waterline Renewal Technologies
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